About Us...

We are the Taxson's! We are complete opposites that fit together like perfect puzzle pieces! 

Kristy is an elementary school teacher (originally from Michigan) and Dave (originally from Virginia) is in the military. We met in Michigan during Kristy's last year of college. We got engaged in December of 2001 (after dating for only 5 months....hey, when you know, you know!) and then were married in May of 2003.   With Dave being a Reservist in the military, we always knew that he could get the call one day to deploy!  Well he did, and we prepared, we moved, and he left! He left for Iraq a week after we moved to Virginia Beach! We tried to have a baby before he left....but it never happened.   He returned safely (Thank God!) and our new adventure in Virginia Beach began....together! Let's start this whole baby making thing again! We love each other and having a baby should be easy....right?!?  Wrong!  

Our love story began over 14 years ago in the summer of 2001. We are madly in love, and just trying to have a baby.  9 1/2  10  11 12 13 years of trying isn't too bad...is it?!?

So that's us in a nutshell....


  1. Hi Kristy,

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