If you are reading this and are going through infertility treatments then you already know that cost...both emotionally and financially!  For those of you that have never gone through this...I thank God for that! 

The emotional cost is forever excruciating, but the financial cost is a burden that can last a very long time...especially for those of us whose insurance coverage doesn't include any part of fertility treatments or the procedures leading up to it, or the medicines associate with it, or the injections needed to go through with it.  For this household, it's all self pay a.k.a out of pocket.  Needless to say you get tapped out quickly!  

For this reason, I've created a Donate button on the side of my main page that is linked to my PayPal account for anyone who would like to donate a dollar or two to our family building fund.  I also have a teacher store where I create and sell things for all the wonderful and amazing teachers out there!  If you know any teachers (especially K-2 teachers) that could use some cute things for their classroom, please send them my way!  I will even do custom work!  You can find my store here:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!


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