Thursday, August 28, 2014

The One!

As most of you  know, I decided to keep this IVF cycle information and timeline current instead of blogging about it with a delay. This is both good and bad.  By doing this, I give up the big & awesome reveal if when this works and also the "safe" 3-month (1st trimester) wait before telling people!  Hey, I think I can handle that.  The response to this round has been amazing!  There have been so many prayers and well wishes coming our way as we go through this, yet again!

Tuesday was my egg retrieval surgery and all went well.  Of course, last time I was the ONLY person there for surgery and I was treated like a queen! We all had so much fun joking around and laughing before surgery.  This time around, there were five of us, and I was 5th on the list! Wowzers! I had to pass the time somehow, so I started taking silly selfies...something I hardly ever do!  Hey...a girl's gotta pass the time somehow!

I also was more prepared this time around in the sock department.  I searched high and low for the socks that were THE ONE! I think this sums it up pretty well!  Bad Ass!  Because you have to be some sort of bad ass to put yourself through this time and time again right?!?

Now let me just warn you....if you thought these socks were bad ass...just wait until Friday's transfer!  The socks I bought for transfer day are beyond amazing!  So appropriate! 

So let's move on to transfer day and what to expect.  Dave and I got the call about my eggs and our embryos. They retrieved 8 follicles.  In those 8 follicles, there were only 7 eggs. Of those 7 eggs, 4 were mature and 3 were immature (not ready to be fertilized). So now we're down to 4 possibilities.
Of those 4:
1 didn't fertilize
2 were growing slowly
1 fertilized perfectly

They called us back later that day to express their deepest apologizes, but the 2 that were growing slowly haven't made the changes they wanted to see, so we are left with only the one that fertilized.  

Ok, I'm not going to lie, I was sad and disappointed at first....who wouldn't be?!?  The odds seemed like there were stacked against us.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks...I needed to snap out of it!  No matter how disappointed I was, I'm still in a place where some women only dream they could be.  So I decided to come up with a bunch a "silver-lining" quotes and nicknames for our one and only embryo that we will transfer tomorrow!  Here it goes!

  • It only takes ONE
  • This is THE ONE
  • Our ONE and only!
  • ONE perfect embryo
  • ONE hit wonder
  • ONE stop shop!
  • The lone survivor
  • The Lucky ONE

This will work!  Tomorrow we will transfer our one perfect embryo at 8:30am and it won't have to fight another embryo to find a place to snuggle up inside of my womb.  It will get first pick of were to find it's home! :)  I have to stay positive and trust in the plan!

I can't wait until tomorrow!  

I stumbled across this quote on my friend's Facebook page the other week, and it's PERFECT! I keep looking at it as we get closer and closer to transfer day!  This is the ONE!