Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Retrieval Day

Oh my gosh here it is!
We get there early and everything is set and ready to go. The nurses are beyond amazing and I have my bright colored socks on ready to rock and roll. My favorite color is green, but on the top they have pink and blue stripes...great luck right?!?

I get my IV in, Dave's there taking pictures and now we're ready! My anesthesiologist gives me my fun cocktail and it's so weird because I can feel the cold running through my veins. I start getting loopy and it's time to be rolled into the OR! It's time! My eggs are done cooking and now it's time to transfer them to the plate...or in this case, the Petri dish!

15-20 minutes later I'm back with Dave and starting to wake up. I have to lay there for an hour with this AMAZING heat pad that's made from an IV bag sitting on my stomach! Who would have thunk it?!?  A heating pad made from an IV bag... Best. Thing. Ever!

I'm now home laying in bed for the next 24 hours waiting to recover and hear the results. Ironically enough, we'll find out tomorrow on mothers Day how many of our eggs fertilized. This is yet another great sign for good things to come!

I asked Dave (who's waiting on me hand and foot) to go and grab something from the guest room for me. To his surprise, I had a basket of hand selected beers and a couple of cigars waiting for him on the bed with a personalized card! He deserved a surprise and reiteration of how much I love him and how much I appreciate how much he's put up with the past couple of months. Each beer was bought for the label (including the raging bitch beer..thanks Candace for that suggestion!!!!) He was beyond moved, and I'm so glad I was able to do something good for him instead being a crying hot mess!

So now I lay here watching TV and waiting for the results!!! In 3 days we will transfer the best looking 2 embryos! This is what we've been waiting and praying for!

Thank you everyone!!

P.S. I'm only one hour into my 24 hour bed rest and I'm already bored and ready to get up and get started with my day.....yikes! I have way too much energy, but this will ALL be worth it in the end! :)

P.P.S. I just got the phone call about my results!  Today is Mother's Day and today is the day I found out the great news!  From the 12 mature follics I had on Thursday (5 really good ones, 4 good ones, 2 ok ones and 1 ehh one) they were able to retrieve 6 eggs! 2 of them did not fertilize and 4 of them did!  The 4 that fertilized, they all look really good the doctor said!  What great news for this hope-to-soon-be-mom on Mother's Day!


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