Saturday, May 31, 2014

Getting Closer!!!

So is this really happening?!  Am I really doing this?

I started birth control and I'm now doing daily Lupron injections. All of this in order to get one step closer to being accepted into the study and on the road to IVF. The study requires my estrogen levels to be at or below 20.2  Day 3 labs in March said my levels were at 38. Day 3 labs in April they went up to 46.  I of course freaked out, but the nurse said that was normal and not to worry.  They started me on birth control to shut my system down and then I started the daily Lupron injections.

I had my blood work done this morning to check my levels.  Here goes nothing...

I got the call that afternoon and my estrogen dropped to 24.4!!  Wait...what?!?  They want to see me again tomorrow morning to check my levels again.

I'm going to seriously, I'm about to hurl all over the floor!

I've been going through the motions not thinking about the next step.  How could I think about the future when all the other times have only led to tears and disappointment.  So I get up in the morning, take my birth control pill and then Dave sticks me with a needle full of Lupron into my belly.  I've been doing this for 8 days now.  Get up, take my pill, get my shot, make my coffee.  Get up, take my pill, get my shot, make my coffee.  Get up, (stop taking the pill), get my shot ready,  stick myself in the belly, make my coffee.  Get up, inject my shot, get my coffee... it's Groundhogs Day over and over for 8 days now.  We don't talk about it. We don't really discuss it. We don't dream about what could be next.  We just get up, Dave gives me my shot, and I make my coffee.

Now there's light at the end of the tunnel.  Now there's a reason I've been taking the pill, getting my shot and drinking my coffee....I just may be getting a day closer to IVF!  So we also decided to start having fun with it.  If I need to do all of these injection every day, lets have a little fun! :)


  1. So glad you are getting closer! Izzy would say you need a Mickey Mouse bandaid though! That's what she gets on her tummy after her weekly infusions. I have ago much hope for you guys!

  2. LOL! Good for you and Dave and your fun spirit!!!! :-)